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We are Eric and Jodi Madej and Michael and Sharrana Matulka.

We have been friends and business partners for about 15 years.
We love doing life together!

This project has been about three years in the making, and now, we are excited to finally introduce you to the King’s Kids.

As our families grew we wanted to start teaching our children at a young age the concepts and life’s lessons we had learned over the years. As there were many books and media available, we found most to be cute stories, but not what we were looking for. We saw a need for a creative way to teach young children these life’s lessons of purpose, identity, leadership and love for one another and so much more. We believe it is never to early to start teaching our children these principles.

Nothing on the market that really caught our eye we saw an opportunity to create the thing we were looking for. Once we had our game plan we felt we needed to develop the right characters to help us teach these lessons.

So we set out to create multi-cultural characters that will help teach your children the same life’s lessons we began to teach our children. We are excited to present to you and your children the King’s Kids. We believe your children will not only love the colorful characters, but will be able to relate to them and implement the lessons from the King’s Kids. Maybe you too will realize…”You Are a King’s Kid!”

Our Purpose:

The King’s Kids vision is to provide educational material for children of all ages to teach, train and empower them to live lives of power and purpose.

We introduce concepts early on that teach lessons about things like love, acceptance and teamwork, that will help assist parents in developing young leaders.