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We are thrilled you stopped by & will join thousands of parents, grandparents, Sunday School Teachers, loving aunts & friends who care about providing their beloved children with educational material in the most colorful, fun and entertaining way that will eventually train and empower them to live lives of power and purpose. We passionately believe in the next generation & that is why we have created books that will introduce children to concepts like love, acceptance & team work from an early age & will help you raise and develop young leaders. If you have big dreams for your kids, bigger than anyone could even think are possible then this is a community were you belong because we totally get you! This blog will be an open space for EVERY mom, teacher, dad, single parent, family member or foster parent to obtain resources, express themselves, share what is working and what is not in the development of your little one’s, which books had the most impact on them and encourage each other to READ more books to our kids. Especially books like ours that are filled with purpose for them. This won’t be a one way stream, we will constantly have guest bloggers, we will share what you guys are telling us, post tips and fun stuff you will find so helpful and transformational. So let’s get started in this journey, first thing we would love for you to do is Join our Mailing list so you don’t miss a thing specially everything we have prepared for 2020 when we begin the first series of stories that will teach concepts and practical lessons of how to live life as a King’s Kids.

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